Package Receiving in Swanton, Vermont

Canadians ship to border
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Swanton, Vermont”

If you live in Quebec shipping your items to Swanton, Vermont could save you a lot of money. Thousands of Canadians are finding the Kinek service priceless when it comes to receiving their items at the border.

How it Works

Business America Services has partnered with Kinek to enable people to ship their purchases to the border. It’s as easy as signing up for free at and choosing a US shipping address. Soon as you have your address you can start using it on any online retail site. When the package arrives at Business America Services you will receive an email and text message notifying you. Most Canadians pick up their items on Saturday and you have 30 days from arrival to pick up your package(s).

Why Ship to Swanton?

There are two main reasons why you may want to ship to Swanton. First, if you like to save money on international shipping and brokerage fees then this is your solution. Canadians have often found great deals in the United States but have a spoiled surprise when they find out the extensive fee’s that are put on top of the original price. Picking your item up at the border solves this problem. The second, which is more rare, is finding items you love online but then go to the checkout page and find out the company does not ship to Canada. Why should us Canadians be left out in the dark on items we want? Well Kinek enables you to find the items you want for the price you want.

About Kinek

Kinek has an extensive network of KinekPoints, not only across the border but across North America. They are the most trusted and professional resource when it comes to shipping to the border. With Business America Services partnering with Kinek you can be rest assured your packages will be safe and that you won’t have to be tied to a Mailbox rental fee. With Kinek, you only pay a per package fee when you go to pick up your items. Kinek is the reliable and trusted network that thousands of Canadians use today.

Shipping to Swanton is your new solution to shipping to the border.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.